About the Initiative

The Thurston Public Power Initiative (TPPI) is a grassroots group of citizen activists committed to granting authority to the Thurston County Public Utility District (PUD#1) to manage and maintain the county’s electrical system.

TPPI encourages citizens to vote YES on Thurston County Proposition 1 this November 6th. The initiative authorizes the PUD to own and operate electric distribution and generation facilities. lt would not require that the PUD do so, and any decision to proceed would be made by the elected PUD Commissioners in an open public meeting process.

A Yes vote on Proposition 1 for Public Power will result in:

(1) Lower electric rates
(2) More reliable service
(3) Creating jobs for local workers
(4) Millions of dollars of electricity revenue being reinvested locally, rather than leaving as profit for a foreign-owned corporation
(5) Citizen control of local energy policy

Puget Sound Energy has the highest electrical rates in the state of Washington. We can do it better, at a much lower cost.

Currently, our electricity is being supplied by Puget Sound Energy (PSE) a for-profit energy corporation, owned by the Australian investment firm Macquarie Group. PSE’s rates are the highest in the state of Washington — much more expensive than the surrounding counties who are getting their energy from PUDs. The service is terrible, and these high rates are simply being shipped out of the country as profits for PSE, straight into the bank accounts of Australian investors.

Public Power in Thurston County will change this. Instead of using the electrical system as a means to generate profit, the public utility district would be working to maintain a high-quality system to serve the community.