Puget Sound Energy currently outsources most of their maintenance work to people in King County. The Public Utility District will bring many of those jobs BACK to Thurston County by hiring local workers to operate and maintain the electrical system.

This means that for the first time in over a decade, our skilled neighbors will be the ones working on and maintaining the system. Imagine the difference that the creation of good jobs makes to the health of our community–and the impact that their paycheck dollars will make when they are spent here instead of in King or Pierce counties.


Public Utility Districts (PUDs) have a much higher customer satisfaction rate than corporate-owned utilities!

They maintain the equipment better and respond more quickly to customers, meaning that you will get your power turned back on much sooner — in part because the workers are local and don’t have to drive hours or days to get here.

When you get your power from a corporation, you are an asset to be squeezed for shareholder profits. When you get your power from a PUD, you are an owner as well as a member of the community that the PUD is tasked to serve.


If you get your power from Puget Sound Energy, you pay MORE for your electricity than anyone else in the state of Washington– and they just raised our rates another 3.2% effective May 14.

Your energy bill will become significantly lower with public power. Throughout Washington, Public Utility Districts (PUDs) provide power at a lower cost — ranging from 10% to 58% less — than private energy corporations like Puget Sound Energy and Avista.