Recommended Reading for Thurston Associates

In 2018, we’re starting a new initiative to encourage all associates to participate in a reading club. The concept is to engage individuals from across the organization in a community-centered focus, for books that have the potential to raise the awareness and capabilities of the organization as a whole.

We have selected a handful of books to choose from. If you’d like to participate in the program, please send an email to Janet Lewis, letting her know which book you’d like to read and discuss, and she’ll put you onto the list for that book.

Hope you enjoy and please let us know your thoughts on this new program.

2018 Recommended Books

Here’s the list of books for the first initiative this year.

Mastery by Robert Greene

masteryMastery is an excellent look into the lives and habits of great achievers throughout time. In this book, author Robert Greene takes a deep dive into the world of genius-level mastery. He looks at a mix of leaders and innovators across time, including Darwin, Mozart and Ford, as well as contemporary leaders like Paul Graham and Fred Roach, among others.

After looking at the biographical facts, Greene derives a list of traits and characteristics common to all of the figures he studies, asserting that these traits are essential to the development of mastery, regardless of the skill, discipline, or objective involved.

This book is a great read and has a number of suggestions we think all of our associates could benefit from! You can get the book from Amazon, or listen to the Mastery audiobook.


The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

the one thingThe One Thing, by authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, is another great book on success and mastery. In this book, the authors look at how focusing on a single, revolutionary element can transform your life, making you more productive and able to achieve at a higher level in any discipline.

The key, the book asserts, is to simplify your life and draw your focus onto the single, most important thing to you. By narrowing your focus and getting rid of extraneous information, tasks, and materials, you can allow your brain to develop a capacity for insight that was not previously available to it.

This book is a wonderful look at the power of focus, and how to apply it to your life to see remarkable results and personal improvement.

Read it on Google or Get The One Thing mp3 from

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