Resources and Information on Public Power Initiatives

* Public Power Facts —Thurston Public Power Initiative
* Thurston PUD Draft Fact Sheet – This document is based upon draft material originally put together by Thurston PUD staff.
* APPA – “Public Power: Shining a Light on Public Service”
* Public Power Costs Less
* Washington State Electric Rate Chart
* Refuting tax increase and other lies of the opponents to public power —Thurston Public Power Initiative

Articles related to Thurston Public Power Initiative

* “PSE says cost of takeover could reach a gazilion dollars!“—The Olympian, August 30, 2012
* “Should Thurston County switch to a public power system? Pro & Con“—The Olympian, July 26, 2012
* “Press Release Correcting the Olympian“—Thurston Public Power Initiative, July 20, 2012
* “Wash. County to vote on buying Puget Sound operations“—Platts Electric Power Daily, July 19, 2012
* “A little PUD goes big, or why you should pay attention to it this year“—Olympia Power & Light
* “Jim Lazar Responds to Questions on the Thurston Public Power Initiative“—Works in Progress, June 2012
* “The Democratic Right to Choose!“—Green Pages, Spring 2012
* “PSE backing group to fight Thurston power initiative“—The Olympian, May 10, 2012
* “The Daily Zero Gets It Wrong—Again”
* “Converting power supply to PUD no easy (or cheap) task“—The Olympian, May 6, 2012
* “Public Power Moves Closer to Reality in Thurston County“—Works in Progress, April 2012
* “Public Power at the Crossroads“—Works in Progress, March 2012
* “A Little Story About Mac and the Renter“—Green Pages, Winter 2012
* “Storm Shows Need for Change“—Works in Progress, February 2012
* “Why Public Power is Worth the Fight“—Works in Progress, January 2012
* WUTC Announcement of PSE’s May 2012 3.2% Rate Increase
* The True Cost of PSE Using Coal to Generate 54.7% of its Power

Public Power in Other Places

* We’re Almost Surrounded By Public Power!—The Northwest Energy Service Map
* Boulder, Colorado Votes FOR Public Power in 2011
* Utilities Face the “Age of the Consumer”

Public Power Associations

* Washington Public Utility Districts Association
* Public Power Council
* Utility Reform Project
* Northwest Public Power Association
* Northwest Power and Conservation Council
* American Public Power Association

Other articles

* “Electric utilities leave us in the dark“—USA Today, July 12, 2012
* “Beyond Corporate Capitalism“—The Nation, June 11, 2012

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